"Who Else Wants To Learn The Renegade Stealth Marketing Secrets That Will Enable You To Generate Massive Profits For Your Real Estate Business, Fatten Your Bank Account And Leave Your Competitors Gasping For Air?"


Dear Real Estate Entrepreneur:

Let me cut to the chase. The problem with your real estate business
is your marketing. It is either nonexistent (shame on you) or just plain vanilla ordinary.

In fact, let me ask you a straightforward pull no punches question
and it will serve you well if you are brutally honest with your answer.
How do you expect to be a successful real estate entrepreneur when your marketing sucks? Exactly, it is virtually impossible. Here's why. Real
Estate Marketing IS THE BUSINESS.

As a real estate investor you must truly understand that you are in the business of marketing first and foremost. MARKETING drives the business. It is the fuel that produces the leads and prospects you need to sustain and thrive in your business. Without it you are like a car without gas, you are going nowhere. Failing to acknowledge this fact will be a fatal mistake and delusional on your part and will result in the death of your real estate investing career.

But you don't want this happen to you do you? Or you wouldn't be at this site and reading this letter. You are here because you know that there is something inherently wrong with the way you are running your business. Let me put my finger on it for you.

You Have A Guru Problem

You probably invested in a real estate course or several real estate courses from one or several of those late night real estate gurus that taught you 100 ways to buy houses. You may have even spent a few thousand dollars to attend one of their seminars or bootcamps.

When you reflect on the materials that you bought or seminars you may have attended how much time did they actually spend on marketing? Not very much.

Here's why. Because these so called Gurus know that if they spend a substantial amount of time teaching you the principles and fundamentals of marketing which is the cornerstone of being successful in the real estate game as well as business in general, they will be out of business.

You won't need them anymore. There will be no need for you to purchase another course or attend another seminar because you will be too busy making money.

So what do they do? They leave you hanging. Sure they will spend an inordinate amount of time teaching you how to do lease options, wholesaling, short sales, owner financing etc., but they know because you lack the essential marketing skills to consistently find and attract motivated sellers you will be back to purchase more courses and attend more seminars in an honest attempt to solve the puzzle of what you are missing and lacking in order for you to be abundantly successful in your real estate endeavors.

Don't get me wrong your real estate education is super important but you don't have to spend all of your valuable time learning every detail of the technical strategies of creative real estate investing. Your #1 aim should be to put yourself in the position to make profits. Don't you agree?

Ok now that we are on the same page, I am going to connect the dots for you and give you the missing pieces that you so desperately need that will not only solve that puzzle but will make you filthy stinkin' rich in the process.

What is this long lost treasure that contains the jealously guarded secrets that will instantly empower you, fatten your bank account and give you an unfair advantage over your competition? What is this Holy Grail that will explode your real estate investing business, leave your competitors in the dust and gasping for air? That treasure and Holy Grail my friend is called Renegade Stealth Marketing™.

Renegade Stealth Marketing™ is not your ordinary everyday marketing. It is a unique style of marketing that is extraordinary, produces amazing and phenomenal results and is known and practiced by only a few savvy real estate entrepreneurs. In order to understand its' powerful concept it is necessary to define individually each of these three different words and concepts that make up its' body and premise.


Pronunciation: \re-ni-gad\

A renegade is a person who lives and operates outside of the realm of conventionality. As a renegade stealth marketer you will go against accepted rules, norms, beliefs, behaviors and so called "conventional wisdom" when that conventional way of doing things is detrimental to your goal of making big fat profits in your real estate business.


Pronunciation: \stelth\

Stealth is defined as the act of moving, proceeding, or acting in a covert way. Many of the techniques and tactics that you will be using as a renegade stealth marketer to get sellers to say yes to your offers will not be apparent to them. You will covertly influence and persuade them to do exactly what you want them to do.


Pronunciation: \mär-ke-tin\

Marketing is defined as the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service. Your marketing's end result should be that it produces leads and prospects to whom you would inevitably like to present offers to and get them accepted.

So in short, when you apply this lethal combination of Renegade + Stealth + Marketing with the creative real estate investing strategies that you already have in your arsenal you will be unstoppable.

But in order for you to reach this point of being unstoppable, you must first learn and be trained in the secrets and fundamentals of Renegade Stealth Style Real Estate Marketing.

This training is the equivalent of the specialized training that Green Berets receive in the army and must undergo in order to become elite special forces soldiers. But instead of you parachuting from airplanes, scaling 100 ft walls, and knife fighting in the wilderness, you will train and learn how to become a Renegade Stealth Style Real Estate Marketer in the comforts of your own home or environment.

How do I make it so easy and convenient for you? By offering this valuable information and elite training in my home study course entitled "Renegade Stealth Marketing™ For The Savvy Real Estate Entrepreneur: The Complete Guide To Gaining An Edge Over Your Competition".

In this course you will learn:

  • How To Craft And Deliver Magnetic Messages To Bring You An Avalanche Of Motivated Sellers.
  • 20 of the Hottest places where you can find motivated sellers.
  • The 7 top motivated sellers niches that will bring you a ton of cash.
  • Renegade Copywriting Secrets
  • The Magic Of Using Direct Response Marketing
  • The 14 Renegade Direct Mail Secret Tactics that will have your phone ringing of the hook with motivated sellers anxious to do deals with you.
  • How to use Google to generate massive leads for your real estate business.
  • The 22 Renegade Stealth Persuasion Tactics that will get sellers to say yes to your offers.
  • How to easily build rapport with sellers.
  • How to use Renegade Financing To Fund Your Real Estate Deals.
  • The Renegade Secrets Of Focus.
  • How To Use Self Mastery To Become The Ultimate Renegade Stealth Marketer.

Plus You get My 7 Most Profitable Letters Of All Time

And Much Much More

The bottom line is you will not find this goldmine of proprietary information available in any other real estate course or any real estate seminar because it's the information that the Gurus really don't want you to know or have access to.

In addition, 99% of your competitors do not know or have any clue about the fundamentals and principles of Renegade Stealth Marketing and how to effectively apply it to their real estate business, so you will have a complete advantage over them.

The remaining 1% have mastered and applied its' tenets and secrets to become filthy rich in real estate. Obviously, it should be your goal to become an exclusive member of this elite 1% club. Let me tell you what you will receive in this course that will enable you to reach that goal.

You will receive:

1 Manual

6 Audio Cds

1 Resource Directory Cd

Plus 3 Amazing KICK ASS Bonuses(Total Value $623)

Amazing Kick Ass Bonus# 1 (value $297.00)

Wholesaling And Rehabbing Course

In my Wholesaling And Rehabbing course I show you step by step how to wholesale and retail houses for incredible profits. When you have this information in your possession and have devoured its contents, you will be armed with the knowledge and the secrets to do your first wholesale or retail deal within a week. I make it that simple, I even show you how to fill out the necessary paperwork to complete your deals.

This is what you will learn:

How to make a boatload of cash Wholesaling real estate.
How to make a boatload of cash rehabbing real estate.
How to negotiate and make offers to sellers.
How to generate leads for your real estate business.
How to overcome seller's objections.
How to fill out contracts step by step.

Amazing Kick Ass Bonus# 2 (value $297.00)

The Magic Of Short Sales

What is Short Sales? A Short Sale is a sale of a mortgaged property where the lender accepts less than the balance of the loan. This happens when the loan is in default and the property is scheduled for foreclosure. As a real estate investor you make money when you are able to discount the loan, buy the property at a substantial discount and then sell it for its actual value.

Short Sales is an easy strategy to execute if you have the right information and know the secrets of getting the lender to discount the loans. In my home study course "The Magic of Short Sales" I give you the information that you need and I reveal the secrets that will enable you to make $30,000-$80,000 per Short Sale deal.

This is what you will learn:

How to execute a short sale from beginning to end.
How to legally rob banks for sums of $30,000, $40,000 and even $80,000.
How to smoothly work with sellers during the preforeclosure process.
How to structure agreements and fill out the necessary paperwork

Amazing Kick Ass Bonus# 3 (value $29)

The Importance of Asset Protection (CD)

As a real estate entrepreneur you must have a bullet proof asset protection strategy in place because at any time you can get sued through no fault of your own.Opportunists make careers out of filing lawsuits, knowing that the expense of defending against these attacks is so high, a settlement will likely be offered. Predator plaintiffs filed more than 30 Million new lawsuits last year and the numbers are expected to grow this year! This cd highlights what forms of asset protection you should utilize to safeguard your assets.

The bottom line is "Renegade Stealth Marketing™ For The Savvy Real Estate Entrepreneur home study course is for you if:

  • You want your real estate business to be remarkable instead of mediocre.
  • You believe Marketing is the key to finding motivated sellers and making a boatload of cash.
  • You have no sympathy for your competition

Here's what others had to say about Renegade Stealth Marketing :

"I used renegade persuasion secret tactic #1, #7, and #19 to close 3 deals and the sellers never
knew what hit them. Thanks for showing me how to truly be a renegade stealth marketing ninja".
Peter Camine Springfield, Massachussets

"I struggled so much with my real estate investing business and I even considered quitting because it was so hard for me to find motivated sellers and close deals. Fortunately, I invested in and devoured your renegade stealth marketing course for real estate entrepreneurs and applied its' principles and I completely turned my business around. My phone began to ring off the hook with motivated sellers and I started closing deals".
Melissa Fields Miami, Florida

"I can see why they are your 7 most profitable letters of all time. I started utilizing them in my direct mail campaigns to homeowners and the response rate has been phenomenal".
Blair Cosgrove Akron, Ohio

"The renegade copywriting secrets that you revealed in your course has given me the competitive advantage that I was looking for."
Candi Thurgood Phoenix, Arizona


I will only be selling a limited quantity of my "Renegade Stealth Marketing™ For The Savvy Real Estate Entrepreneur home study course because:

  • By limiting the quantity sold you have the chance to be the first in your area or region to have this powerful money making information in your possession. This will allow you to easily dominated the marketplace and crush your competition.
  • For selfish reasons both mines and yours, I do not want everyone
    to have access to this information. So after a certain time period, it will no longer be available to the public.

    So don't delay , this is strictly a first come first serve basis opportunity.

Ok How Much For This Amazing Resource?

I really thought long and hard about coming up with a price for my "Renegade Stealth Marketing™ For The Savvy Real Estate Entrepreneur home study course simply because how do you actually put a price on something that is priceless and there is nothing in the marketplace like it?

How do you put a price on something that is as rare and scarce as a intense pink colored diamond?

After considerable deliberation, I decided to offer this valuable resource to you for only $647 (plus $19.99 s&h).

This is a no risk, you can't lose offer, because you will also be receiving 3 kick ass bonuses totaling $623 which includes two additional home study courses and you are backed by my personal guarantee which is:

I guarantee that this course contains everything that I say it does or I will refund your money back.

So there's no way that you can lose. In fact, I will personally make myself available to answer any and all questions that you might have in regards to the information that you will be receiving. Here is my telephone # I can be reached at (917)406-3549.

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Omar Johnson
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